Goodwill houston donation center

One of the standout features of this establishment is its wheelchair accessible entrance, ensuring that all individuals can easily access their services. This inclusive approach sets them apart from other donation centers in the area, as they strive to create an environment that is welcoming to all.

Clothing donations are one of the main services offered by Goodwill Houston Donation Center. By accepting gently used clothing, they provide an opportunity for individuals to declutter their wardrobes while making a positive impact on the community. Donating clothing not only helps those in need, but it also contributes to reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

With 34 customers rating Goodwill Houston Donation Center 4 out of 5, it is clear that their services are highly regarded by the community. The positive feedback speaks to the professionalism and dedication of the staff, who work tirelessly to ensure that every donation is well-received and put to good use.

In conclusion, if you are looking to make a difference in your community, Goodwill Houston Donation Center is the perfect place to start. Their non-profit status, coupled with their commitment to inclusivity, makes them a standout donation center in the area. By donating clothing to their center, you can directly contribute to improving the lives of those in need while also promoting sustainability.

We strongly recommend getting involved with Goodwill Houston Donation Center and supporting their noble cause. To learn more about their services and how you can contribute, we encourage you to visit their website at Here, you will find valuable information about their mission, current initiatives, and ways to get involved. Don't miss this opportunity to make a positive impact on your community. Contact Goodwill Houston Donation Center today!

Market Hours
  • Monday: 8 AM–8 PM
  • Tuesday: 8 AM–8 PM
  • Wednesday: 8 AM–8 PM
  • Thursday: 8 AM–8 PM
  • Friday: 8 AM–8 PM
  • Saturday: 8 AM–6 PM
  • Sunday: 8 AM–6 PM

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